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Hydraulic cylinder repair process

First, the surface treatment
After cleaning and sanding, the scratched parts are cleaned and cleaned with absorbent cotton, acetone or absolute ethanol. (If you do not clean first, the oil will be immersed in the cylinder, resulting in poor adhesion or even falling off. When grinding, first grind the part of the crushed area above the reference surface to the base surface to prevent the plunger. After scratching, use the assorted enamel to remove the oil stains and foreign matter from the scratched groove, and use the rotating hoe to blow the entire scratched surface.) Wash and warm and dry, wipe the polished surface with acetone. Try it clean. Then use a hot air blower or a iodine-tungsten lamp to dry the water and preheat the surface to be repaired, especially if the room temperature is below 15 °C.

Second, blending materials
Reconcile in strict proportions and mix well until there is no color difference.

Third, the application material
Apply evenly blended 2211F to the scratched surface. It should be thin and evenly and completely cover the scratched surface to ensure the material is bonded to the metal surface. Then apply the material to the entire repaired area and press repeatedly to ensure the material is filled and reached. The required thickness is slightly higher than the inner wall surface of the cylinder.

Fourth, curing
It takes 24 hours for the material to fully reach the performance at 24 ° C. In order to save time, the temperature can be increased by the tungsten halogen lamp. For every 11 ° C increase in temperature, the curing time is shortened by half, and the curing temperature is 70 ° C.

Fifth, after the material is solidified, use a fine grindstone or scraper to repair the surface of the material above the surface and finish the construction.

Sixth, the repair of the surface of the piston rod
The surface of the piston rod is directly scratched or bumped due to internal or external reasons. The internal causes are: pollution of hydraulic oil, foreign matter in the hydraulic system, and entry into the cylinder; external causes include: harsh environment operation, mining, mountainous area, During demolition and construction work, there is a hard object colliding with the surface of the piston rod, which causes damage to the surface of the piston rod.

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